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what are restriction endonucleases?
enzymes that recognize specific nucleotide sequences (restriction sites), and cleave dna creating dna fragments
what is type 1?
-simple cuts across both strands
-not often used
what is type 2?
-allows physical mapping
-allows recombinant molecules
what is the most common and flexible host?
E. coli
what are plasmids?
small, extrachromosomal dnas dispensable to the cell, 10kb
what are phages?
viruses that infect bacterial cells, 40kb
what is a multiple cloning site(mcs)?
a region w/unique restriction sites that, when cut, will produce a linear plasmid
what is recombinant dna?
dna created in the lab from pieces of different genomes.
what is a dna library?
a collection of dna from a specific source in a form that can be propagated in a host
what is a genomic library?
what is a cDNA library?
representation of entire genome in a vector;
is limited to expressed genes isolated by reverse transcriptase
what are the four stages of the genectic engineering experiment?
Stage 1: DNA cleavage
Stage 2: production of recombinant dna
stage 3: cloning
stage 4: screening
what is hybridization?
cloned genes form base pairs w/ complementary sequences on another nucleic acid (probe)
what are the three basic steps of the polymerase chain reaction?
1.) denaturation
2.) anealing of primers
3.) primer extension
what is the process of Southern blotting?
-sample dna cleaved into restriction fragments, & spread apart by gel electrophoresis
-gel blotted w/sheet of nitrocellulose
-probe of purified, single-stranded dna poured over sheet
-if radioact. probe used, band of radioact. appears where probe hybridized w/complementary fragment
what are medical applications w/:
atrial peptides-
tissue plasminogen activator-
high blood pressure and kidney failure;
dissolving blood clots