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A gamete
is a reproductive cell that can produce a new individual only after fusing with a gamete of the opposing mating type
Alternation of generations
when the organism alternates between different phases, this pattern of reproduction is called:
Bryophytes means
moss plants
Define rhizoids
thin filaments that absorb water and nutrients from the soil
Mosses are?
the most widespread bryophytes
What is required for fertilization of the sperm and egg of the moss gametophytes?
standing water so that the sperm can swim to the eggs.
Types of bryophytes
Mosses-most widespread and hornworts and liverworts
What are vascular plants?
plants with tracheids that draw water from deep in the ground and carry it to great heights.
What are tracheids
specialized cell which conduct water, they are hollow, have thick cell walls to resist pressure and are connected end to end like a series of drinking straws
define rhizomes
well developed underground stems
Define fronds
large leaves
What is the sporophyte in the ferns life cycle?
The large visible plant
Describe the life cycle of the fern
characteristic pattern of alternation of generation of diploid (2n) sporophytes and haploid (n) gametophytes
What enables bryophytes to absorb water and nutrients from the soil?
Moss sperm and eggs form a zygote that grows into a?