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According to the law of segregation
A. Each gamete contains two copies of each factor for each trait.
B. Each individual has one copy of each factor for each trait.
Fertilization gives each new individual one factor for each trait.
Peas are good for genetic studies because they
Are easy to grow
To test whether F1 palnts were Yy, Mendel backcrossed them and observed an offspring ratio of
1 yellow : 1 green
Which of the following indicates a heterozygous individual?
List the gametes produced by AaBb
AB, Ab, aB, ab
Homologous chromosomes contain identical
The genotypic ratio from a monohybrid cross is
If two parents with short fingers (dominant), have a child with long fingers, what is the chance their child will have long fingers?
Using the prodcut rule, determine the probabilty that an Aa individual will be produced from an Aa x Aa cross
According to the law of independent assortment
All possible combinations of factors can occur in the gametes.