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What are 3 cell theorys?
1) All things are made of 1 or more cells
2) Cell is the basic unit of organization of living things
3) All cells come from preexisting cells
What is mitosis?
regular cell division
The basic unit of matter:
The basic unit of life:
Who is Anton van Leeuwenhoek?
Dutch Biologist.
developed 1st microscope
observed pond water
Who is Robert Hooke?
Englsihmen who looked at plant, wood, and cork cells. 1st to call them cells
Who is Mathias Schleiden?
German botanist who stated "all plants are made of cells"
Theodor Schwann?
stated "all animals are made of cells"
Rudolf Virchow?
German physician who said "all cells come from division of preexisting cells"
Three types of microscopes?
electron, compound, simple
2 electron kinds?
Transmission Electron
Scanning Electron
TEM is...
transmission electron, specimen must be frozen/embedded and cut
focused w/ magnets
*1,000,000 x
SEM is...
lower magnification
gives 3-D image
electrons bounce of object
Compound Light is...
the one in class
uses 2 lenses (objective/ocular)
Simple Light is...
1 lens