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Darwin’s theory of evolution”
Well supported explanation of phenomena that occurred in the natural world
Change over time – process by which organisms have descended from ancient organisms
Change over time –
one of darwins observations
Observed by great diversity of organisms puzzled by variety
Ideas that shaped Darwin’s thinking-
Numerous discoveries that turned up important pieces of evidence challenging traditional view of life
important pieces of evidence challenging traditional view of life
Scientists were beginning to discover that earth is very old
Charles Lyell wrote
“ principles of geology
principles of geology explained
Scientists should explain past events in terms of what they can actually observe ( the same processes that are shaping the earth today)
Lamarck’s theory of evolution was
among the first scientists to realize that living things change over time and also realized that organisms adapted to their environment
Lamarck’s theory stated
selective use or disuse of organs organisms acquired certain traits during their lifetime which could be passed on to offspring.
( if one of your parents only works out one of their arms and gets muscle on that arm then their son or daughter will have muscle in that same arm only)
Relative dating:
Predicting by observing surrounding rocks
Absolute dating:
Where they actually tested the rocks. using the Rdaioactive decay method where
% of elements broken down. ( Half-life atoms)
Darwin published
“ On the origin of species” in 1859. he proposed mechanism for evoltion which is now called “ natural selection”
Natural variation-
there is variation in all types of organisms.
Artificial selection:
( studied english farmers and breeders) humans select from among the naturally occurring variations in a species can lead to great differences.
Survival of the fittest:
individuals better suited to their environment survive and reproduce most successfully. Natural selection causes a change in inherited characteristics of a population over time.
evidence of evolution
Geographical distribution of living species, fossil record,Homologous body structures,Vestigial structures,Similarities in early development,Biochemistry