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Infectious or Genetic?
1. Find the pathogen in diseased animal
2. Grow the pathogen in a lab
3. Inject pathogen in healthy animal
4. check to see if the healthy animal gets the same disease and contains lots of the pathogen
Skin Protection
lots of overlapping dead skin cells (not so easy for pathogen to get through)
Multiple layers
Digestive System protection
stomach acid in cavity
mucus lining on all cells (barrier)
layers of cells
connective tissue
protective support
Digestive system problems
Some P's can survive the acid treatment
thrive in small and large intestine
dont need to cross cell layers
warm, moist, food
Respiratory system protection
nose hairs
ciliated cells along trachea (wind pipe)
mucus lining on cells in trachea, broncheolis and aveoli
layers of cells in lung
protein support
2nd line of defense: Specific Immunity
Lymph System
Blood cells: Macrophages, B Cells and T cells
Main goal: make antibodies and destroy pathogen
What is an antibody?
It's a protein
Y shaped
Secreted by B cells
Designed to bind to pathogens
Designed to bind to specific p's