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define ecology
-study of organism interaction with the environment and each other
define orgaismal ecology
-ecology of individual plants and animals
population ecology
groups of individuals of same speacies, same location, and same time,
community ecology
groups of species, interactions among them in one particular area at one particular time,provides intuitive path to NS, currency=fitness
ecosystem ecology
all the organisms in a region particullarly abiotic factors,(how do they determine structure of the system?)
what level of diversity of species occurs at low altitudes?at the poles?
what is mutualism is it reciprocal?
species A has a + eff on species B
what is paratism? do you live or die from it?
species a has a - effect on species B but species A is effected + by species B
- can either live or die if
you die its called predation not parasitism
+/0 good fro one species but doesnt effect the other
-/- bad for the both of them
what does competition do to biodiversity?
it either decreases it or it can supply it
which reltionship is a engine for NS?
parasitism/predations +/-
describe a keystone community
an ecomological community resto on keystones
what is a keystone predator?
a predator that stabilizes diversity if removed then you get a monoculture