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what does it take to go from water to land?why would they transistion to land?when did this happen?
-breathing(gills-lungs),locomoter(fins-limbs) system,water proof skin,feeding system(filter feeding-biting)
-food,escape predators,dryinig out,oxygen
-in the devonian era
how many life stages does the amphibian have? what kind of skin does it have? did it live in the desert? did it live in salty water?
-highly water permeable
-not many
*strictly terrestrial and fresh water
what are the 3 groups of amphibians? which one is the most diverse?
describe the frog?what are the 2 stages of life and what kind of feeders are they at those stages?what are its reporduction modee? parental care?
-8 vertebrate, fore limbs smaller than hind limbs, havee lungs, no tail,
-not much, either hide eggs or develop on her back
what does anura mean and what does caudata mean?what does intromittant organ mean?
anure=no tail
intromittant organ= any organ on the amke that isused to transfer the sperm into the female
how does the salamandar breath?does it have lunsgs? what are the types of fertilization? does the male have intromittant organ?
-through its skin
-internal and external(oviparous, or ovoviviparous)
where are caecilians found? describe their body? what are their reproduction mode? and parental care?
-humid tropics
-no arms no legs, toxic skin
-oviparous, viviparous, ovoviparous
-leaving young or uteral, grow new skin and youn just eats it
what was the issue of amphibians invading land? what evolved to solve this problem?
the eggs had to be layed in water or high humidity because they were seceptable to drying
-the amniotic egg
describe the amniotic egg
amnion=membrane around embryo
allandois=waste desposite
yolk sac=nutrients
shell=almost water proff(not premeable to everything like 02and CO2)
albumn space=large protein that retains water