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what is special about the vertebrate?
they have bone
what are the 5 lineages of vertebrates?give examples of each
2.actinopterygia(ray finned fish)
3.actinistia/coelcanth(lobe fin fish)
what is special about the chonndrichthyes? what are it reproductive modes? how many fins does it have? what kind of skeleton does it have?
-living fossils
-paired fins
what kind of skeleton does the actinopterygia? what kind of jaws?
-boney skeleton
-protrusible jaws
1.oral jaw for prey capture
2. pharyngeal for prey parcessina
what is the most diverse group of chordates?
when do we see the fist evidence of fish going to land?
the devonian era
where are the 3species of dipnoi found? what do they use their lungs for?
-africa, south america, australia
what happened in the amphibia?
they start to grow boney strucutures in their fins that look like hands with joints and everything