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what are the 4 traits that all chordates share(synapomorphies)?
hollow nerve chord, notochord, post anal tail,pharyngeal(gills/slits)
what are the chordate lineages and examples of each?
-urochordate(sea squirts)
-cephalochordates(worl like lancelets)
at what life stage is the urochordate a perfect chordate? is fertilization internal or external?
what is the form of the adult stage of an urochordate?
sessile subsrate
what kind of locomotion do cephalochordates use?
can move backward and foward using angliotory
when did the first chordates appear? what kind of tissue did they have?
burgess shale
soft tissue made out of cartilage
what are the types of vertabrate(7)? and examples?
-myxinoidea(hag fish)
-actinopterygia(ray finned fish)
-dipnoi(lung fish)
describe the myxinoidea? what do they have insted of teeth?
ex:hag fish
jawless,no bone only soft skin,cheveron shaped muscles,
produce slime
describe the petromyzontoidea?what is their 2 life stages?how do they feed? what is their reproductive method?
-filter feeeders as juveniles and adults, parasites as adults,notochord segments
-they attach to the fish's side by a disc of keratine cusps then use tongue that has teeth on it to dig a hole and suck
- they are anadromous=live entire life then at sea then swim to fresh water to reproduce, and semeiparous=come up river to breed then die
when did bone first evolve?
ordovician period
ectoskeleton of bone in the form of a head but still jawless, bone was lost again in the jawless lineages
what is cartilage?
a proteoglycan gel with collagen fibers and a 50-80% of water
what is bone?why doesnt the bone chip away from the constant tiny microfractures?
calicium phosphate stiff hard to break, highly cellular, metabolically active
-osteocytes drill through to add ne calcium
what is the difference between jawless and jaw?
jawless has gill arches and the jaw has a hyoid arch which later because the support for the tongue
the hinges in the arches are used for what in jawless fish
functional in breathing