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what is a lophophore? what is a trocohphore larvae?
-a feeding structure that surrounds the mouth(a ring of tenticles)
-a life stage
what kind of feeders are rotifers? how do they swim?what kind of coelom do they have?
-suspension feeders
-spinning structure called corona
how do rotifers reproduce?
through mitosis so the eggs have full set of DNA no need for a male to fertilize-ASEXUAL
what are platyhelmnthes? what kind of coelom do they have? what are they three lineages?
-flat worms
-terbullarians(flat worms)
-cestodes(tape worms-in digestive tract)
-trematodes(flukes-in circulatory system)
what are annelidas?what kind of coelom do they have?what are the two major groups?
-segemented worms
-true coelom
- polychaeta(many bristled worms) and citelleta
what are the two typs of citelleta?
1. oligochaetes(earth worms)
2. nirudrruea(leeches)
how do earth worms reproduce?
they are hermaphridites and use oviaparity
what is...
-egg laying
-fertilization and growwth inside the female(humans do this)
-ovoviparity(egg dispersed inside mom and they grow off the nutrients of yolk when fully grown then give birth
what are molluscs? what structures do they have?
-squid and clams
-muscular foot, visceral mass(organs, feeding structure)
and a mantle(secretes the skeleton)
what are the 4 examples of molluscs?
-bivalvia(clams, scallops)
-polyacorphora(chiton/have8plates on their shell)
-cephalopoda(squids, octupus)
what is the key tratit of ecdysozoa? and what are they types?
-shed theur skind
-nematoda(round worms)and arthropods(spiders insects)
what kind of skelton does the nematoda have?
and endoskeleton under a cuticle layer
what kind of skeleton does the arthropd have?
and ectoskeleton,not cuticle layer
how many molt stages does the nematoda go through?
what types of coelem do the nematoda and the arthropod have?