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describe acoelous
-no coelom/body cavity
describe pseudocoelom
-has a coelom but it is not lined with mesoglia and the mesoderm does not line the whole thing
describe coelom
lined with mesoglia and completely with mesoderm
what does a coelom allow for?
a tube within a tube, and organs
describe a tube within a tube
-outside tube is the ectoderm and mesoderm
-inner tube is mesoderm and endoderm
name types of acolemates (2)
platyheliminths(flat worms)
name types of pseudocoelom
nematoda(round worms)
name types of coelomates
annelida(segmented worms)
arthropods(anything with a joint leg spiders, crabs)
echinodermata(starfish,sea urchins)
what are the differences of development in protostomes and deuterostomes?
cleavage,gastrulation,coelom formation
what kind of cleavge does the protstome make?the deuterostome?
-spiral(at an angle)
-radial(perfectly stacked)
what forms first in the protostomes? in the deuterostomes?
how does the coelom form in the protostome? in the deuterostome?
-from the mesoderm
-pinches off