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What does a cell need to survive
oxygen, water, and fuel molecules
most common shapes of Prokayotes are?
Coccuss, Bacillus, spirochete
What is in the Prokaryotic cell?
Nucleoid, Ribosomes, plasma Membrane, cell wall, Capsule
eukryotic animals celldo not have What?
Chloroplast, central vacole and tonooplast, cell walll, plasmodesmata
Plant cells do not have?
Lysosomes, and centrioles
microtubials initiated
produces hydrogen and perixiode
cells shaope and functions in movement: Made of Microfilimants, intermediate filaments, microtubules
nonmembourous organalles that make rRNA proteins; free in cytosol or bound to rough ER or nuclear envelope
Golgi Apparatus
processes, transforms proteins and synthesizes polyssaccharides/ active in synthesis, modification, sorting, and secrertion of cell product
Plasma Membrane
encloses the cell/fluid phospholipid bylayer mosaic
cellular resperation occurs and ATPs gennerated
Rough ER
it is studded with ribosomes/ active in membrane synthsis/Site of protein synthesis
Smooth ER
free of ribosomes/ active in membrane synthsis/Site of lipid synthesis Site of Detoxification
The lysosome is a membrane-bounded sac of hydrolytic enzymes that digests macromolecules and organelles targeted for destruction
Endomembrane System
Nuclear envelope (double membrane)
Endoplasmic Reticulum (RER & SRM)
Golgi Complex
Mitochondrion Structure:
double membrane- contains DNA / outer mem, inter mem space, innet mem, matrix
Peroxisomes generate and degrade H2O2 in performing various metabolic functions:
may detoxify alcohol and other harmful compounds.
INTERNAL CELL SKELETON MADE OF PROTEINS/ interacts with motor proteins to promote movement.
cell motility(as in cilia or flagella)/ chromosone mvnt in cell division/ organelle movement/act as tracks that guide motor proteins carrying organelles
cytoplasmic streaming/ cell motiliy ( as in pseudopodia) /An actin microfilament consists of a twisted double chain of actin subunits.
Microfilaments are designed to resist tension
Intermediate filaments
anchorage of nucleus and vertain other organelles
Thicker filaments, composed of a motor protein interdigitate with the thinner actin fibers.
Plant cells have a centrosome:
an area where the microtubules form, but have no centrioles
The Flagellum tip consists of
9 doublets
with 2 in the center ( 9+2).
What is driven by the arms of a motor protein, dynein.
The bending of cilia and flagella
cytoplasmic streaming:
In plant and animal cells, actin-myosin interactions are involved in this andThis creates a circular flow of cytoplasm in the cell.
This speeds the distribution of materials within the cell
Double membrane - Contain DNA/has outer mem, inner mem, stroma, thylakoids, and ganum
- Tonoplast
Functions: storage, molecule breakdown, cell expansion
Intercellular Junctions Animal Cells – Tight Junctions
In tight junctions, membranes of adjacent cells are fused, forming continuous belts around cells. This prevents leakage of extracellular fluid.