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the 10 principle organ systems of the body
1. integumentary system
2. skeletal system
3. muscular system
4. nervous system
5. endocrine system
6. circulatory system with the lymphatic system
7. respiratory system
8. digestive system
9. urinary system
10. male and female reproductive system
the ______ system consistes of the skin and the structures such as naila sn hair that are derived from it.
This system protects teh body, helps to regulare body temperature and recieves stimuli such as pressure, pain and temperature
This system consists of the brain, spinal cord, sense organs and nerves.
which system is considered the principle regulartory system?
The nervous system consists of 1)________, 2)_________3)_______, and 4)______.
1) brain
2) spinal cord
3) sense organs
4) nerves
The skeletal system consists of 1)_______ and 2)_______. and its purpose is to 3)________ the body.
1) bones
2) cartilage
3) protect
what kind of glands are found in the endocrine system? and what are their purpose
ductless; to release hormones
which two systems work together in regulating metabolic activities?
nervous and endocrine
10 glands of the endocrine system
1) hypothalamus
2) pituitary
3) pineal
4) thyroid
5) Parathyroids
6) Thymus
7) Adrenals
8) Pancreas
9) Ovaries
10) Testes
a hott anna phillips, whose hormones are all screwed up.
The 1)_________ system consists of large 2)_________ muscles that allow us to move, as well as the 3)________ muscle of the heart and the 4)________ muscle of internal organs
The Circulatory system includes the 1)______ and 2)_______.
1) heart
2) blood vessels
Purpose of Circulatory System
transport materials and defends boyd against disease organisms
a subsytem of the circulatory system
purpose of lymphatic system
returns excess fluids to the blood and defends the body against disease
5 components of the lymphatic system
1) thymus
2) thoracic duct
3) lymph node
4) spleen
5) lymph vessels
if i have mono and i had a SLiT in my spleen, i'd die.
The respiratory system consists of the 1)________ and 2)__________.
1) lungs
2) air passageways
The repiratory system supplies 1)____________ to the 2)__________ and excretes 3)___________.
1) oxygen
2) blood
3) carbon dioxide
8 components of the respiratory system
1) Oral cavity (mouth)
2) Nasal Cavity
3) Phayrnx (throat)
4) larynx (voice box)
5) trachea (windpipe)
6) lungs
7) bronchus
8) diaphram
New Dr. pepper bottle to drink
Digestive system consists of the 1)__________ and the 2)_______ that secrete 3)________ into the 1)_________
1) digestive tract
2) digestive glands
3) digestive juices
12 components of the digestive system
1) oral cavity
2) pharynx
3) salivary glands
4) esophagus
5) liver
6) stomach
7) gallbladder
8) pancreas
9) small intestine
10) large intestine
11) rectum
12) anus
moving up and down on a horse makes you have to shit.
Urinary system is the main _______ system in the body and helps regulate _______.
excretory; blood chemistry
The ______ removes waste and excess materials from the ________ and produce _______.
kidneys, blood, urine
4 components of the urinary system
1) kidney
2) ureter
3) urinary bladder
4) urethra
components of male and female reproductive system
1) ovaries
2) oviduct
3) uterus
4) vagina

5) prostate gland
6) vas deferens
7) penis
8) testes
fertilized egg
has the potential to develop
Two theories of development
1) Preformation Theory
2) Epigenesis Theory
Preformation Theory
theory that there is a fully formed embryo present in one of the gametes
a fully formed individual (male)
epigenesis contains the theory of the _________ cell, which is??
(determined cell; there is a point where a cell that is dividing and can no longer be totipotent
in cellular determination all cells look _______.
in cellular differentation, cells look ______ and do ______ jobs.
unique, different
development of structure
in morphogenesis the cells _______.
come together.
in nuclear equivalence, the ______ of all cells look ______ but are turned on or off according by their ________ in the _________.
nuclei,alike, position, embryo
how many events are in fertilization?
1st stage of fertilization?
the gametes come in contact and recognize each other
2nd stage of fertilization?
the sperm enters the egg, usually means the loss of a tail.
3rd stage of fertilization?
activation. Entry stimultates meiosis II in the egg.
4th stage of fertilization?
fusion. of the pronuclei... results in dipolid nucelus being formed.
the pronuclei is also known as the _________, which means it is found in the ______ and _______.
haploid nucleus, egg, sperm.
rapid mitotic division; organsim gets smaller and smaller
very little dudoplasm
holoblastic cleavage
equal cleavage over and over
meroblastic cleavage
non equal division
solid ball of cells
hollw ball of cells
the wall of the blastula
hollow center of the ball of cells
single cells of the blastual stage
hollow ball of cells with invading, happens at the blastoderm
3 embryonic germ layers.
what are the three layers of the tripolblastic?
ecto, endo and mesoderm.
primitive gut
the opening into the archeteron
ectoderm becomes the 1)_____2)______3)_______4)_____5)______ and 6)_____.
1) nervous ssytem
2) sense organs
3) epidermis
4) nails
5) hair
6) pituitary gland
ecto rhymes with ghetto... ghetto booty, fat, need to take PHENNS
endoderm becomes the 1)_________, 2________,3_______ and 4______
1) lining of the digestive tube
2) repiratory system
3) liver
4) pancreas
END of my finger is a prll
mesoderm becomes 1)_______, 2)_______, 3)________, 4)________, 5)________, 6)________, 7)_________, and 8)________.
4)circulatory system
5)excretory system
6)reproductive system
8)outer digestive tube
invertebrates account for about ____ percent of the animal species
drying out
which system is a barrier for water loss/gain
which system produces structors for senses (touch, smell, etc)
which system regulates temperature?
which system is for gas exchange?
earth worm breathing through skin
which system has the function for secretion
odor of female attracts male
What are the 5 major functions of the integumentary system
1) protect the skin from sun and desication.
2) gas exchange
3) secretion
4) produces sensory structures
5) regulates temperatures