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As a cell prepares to divide, a DNA molecule and its associated proteins coil to form a
C. Chromosome
A. Chromatid C. Chromosome

B. Gene D. Centromere
The number of chromosmes found in a human body cell is
B. 46
A. 23 C. 48

B. 46 D. 64
The condition in which a diploid cell has an extra chromosome is called
C. Trisomy
A. monosomy
B. Disjunction
C. Trisomy
D. Karyotype
The sex of a human offspring is determined by
B. the male
A. the female
B. the male
C. both the female and the male
D. neither the female nor the male
Bacteria reproduce throught an asecual process called
D. Binary fission
A. Meiosis
B. cytokinesis
C. Mitosis
D. Binary Fission
The repeating sequence of growth and division through which many eukaryotic cells pass is called
A. The cell cycle
A. The cell cycle
B. Synthesis
C. Metaphase
D. Telophase
Which of the following is not a stage of mitosis?
B. Synthesis
A. Prophase
B. Synthesis
C. metaphase
D. telophase
In human sexual reproduction, male haploid gamete and a female haploid gamete unite to form a(n)
C. Zygote with 46 chromosomes
A. egg cell with 46 chromosomes
B. zygote with 23 chromosomes
C. zygoyte with 46 chromosomes
D. Sperm cell with 23 chromosomes
In plant cells, cytokinesis requires the formation of a new
B. Cell wall
A. Cell membrane
B. Cell Wall
C. Centromere
D. Series of protein threads
Normal cells can become cancer cells through
D. all of the above
A. gene mutations
B. ultraviolet radiation
C. viruses
D. all of the above
A is a segment of DNA that transmits information from parent to offspring.
An individual with an extra copy of chromosome 21 demonstrates traits cellectively known as
Down Syndrome
The 22 pairs of chromosomes in human somatic cells that are the same in males and females are called
The human chromosomes that determine an individual's sex are called the
X and Y Chromosomes
G1 -> S -> G2 -> M -> C
The sequence above represents the
Cell cycle
G1 -> S -> G2 -> M -> C
The C in the sequence represents the phase in which
, occurs.