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What are the 4 parts of their nervous system?
Brain, Spinal Cord, Peripheral, Sense Organs
What is the brain for?
Processing and storing
What is the spinal cord for?
Relay Station
Describe mosquito bite stage
Sensory receptors in your skin detect the light touch of the mosquito, as well as the pain of the bite. The connected neurons then get activated and travels down to the end of the axon, through the spinal cord, then to the brain.
With the mosquito, what happens in the brain.
The signal is evaluated and an order message is sent.
How does the order get to the other arm to swat the mosquito?
Travels along neurons through the spinal cord and then the muscle cell in the other arm.
What happens when neurotransmitters are not controlled properly?
How do we learn?
It must past through the three different filters of the brain.
What are the 3 filters of the brain?
Short term memory, working memory, long term memory
How are memories formed?
They are a series of overlapping circuits of neurons. Later a pathway is reactivated and causes a memory.
What are the two parts of our immune system
Innate immune system and the specific immune system
What does the innate immune system do
Provides "killing tools" for the body.
What does the specific immune system do?
Provides a way for attacking each bad-guy separetly and will remember what it has fought off and will do it faster and better next time.
What do macrophages do?
They eat other "eat me" cells (dead cells, cancer cells, viruses)
What do B cells do?
Make antibodies
What is an antibody?
What keeps our cells from getting infected by bacteria or viruses by binding to the invader and preventing them from entering our cells
What do T cells do?
Kills the invader by making it burst.