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Study of demographics
___________helps predict changes in size of population
large populations
What population is less likely to become extinct? (large or small)
What accumulates in the environment as a population reaches its carrying capacity?
Populations of K-strategists grow (rapid or slow)
populations of r-stategists grow (rapid or slow)
Are mutations so common that they are the major cause of changes in allele frequencies within a population?
Natural selection acts on__________
Does natural selection always eliminate genetic disorders from a population?
The range of phenotypes shifting toward one extreme causes__________
Directional selection
n stabilizing selection does the range of phenotypes become wider?
Do all the birds in Clarkston represent a population?
Why do population sizes increase?
individuals tend to produce more than one offspring
Is the increase in the diversity within a population a problem arising from inbreeding?
Demographic studies of populations must take into consideration:
1. production of a genetically uniform population.
2. reduction of populations ability to adapt to environmental changes
Population dispersion improper pairing examples:
1. randomly spaced - chance
2. evenly spaced - regular
3. clumped - clusters
logistic growth is_________
how population grown in nature
As a population reaches its carrying capacity, there is an increase in competition for....
food, shelter, mates, ect.
charactoristics of r-strategist
Environments that are 1.unpredictable 2.rapidly changing 3.early maturation 4. early reproduction 5. little parental care
example of r-strategist
dandelions (weeds)
charactoristics of K-strategist
1. reproduce late in like
2. require a lot of parental care
Gene flow
movement of alleles into or out of a population due to migration
increases the proportion of homozygotes
Natural selection acts on ________
all mutations
Directional selection tends to eliminate ____________
one extreme in a range of phenotypes
consists of all the individuals of a particular species in a particular place
statistical study of all populations
way that members of a population are arranged in a given area
Population Model
hypothetical population that has key characteristics of the real population being studied
Growth rate
difference between the birth rate and death rate of population
Carry capacity
population size that can be sustained by an environment
Alternative versions of genes
movement of individuals from one population to another
Migration creates __________
Gene flow
polygenic trait
A characteristic influenced by several genes
Stabilizing selection
causes range of phenotypes to become narrower, increasing the number of individuals with characteristics near the middle of the range