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What instrument uses a series of lenses to magnify objects in steps?
Compound light microscopes
What are the basic units of life?
A Cell
what are the three steps to the cell theory?
1.All organisms are composed of one or more cells
2. The cell is the basic unit of organization of organisms
3. all cells come from preexisting cells
What uses a beam of elctrons instead of natural light to magnify structures up to 500,000 times allowing you to see the structures inside a cell?
Electron Microscope
What are the 2 basic cell types?
Prokaryote and Eukaryotes
What is a Prokaryote?
Most unicellular organisms that dont have membrane bound structures.
What is a Eukaryote?
Most multicellular organisms that have membrane bound structures
Membrane bound structures within eukaryotes are what?
What is the function of a Nucleus?
To controle the functions of the cell
What is the boundary between the cell and its environment?
Plasma membrane
What is Homeostasis?
The process of maintaining the cells environment.
The process in which the plasma membrane of a cell allows some molecules into the cell while keeping others out?
Selective Permeability
Lipids with a phosphate group attached to them?
Phospholipids-they have a glycerol backbone,2 fatty acid chains and a phosphate group.
Is the head of a phospholipid polar or nonpolar?
polar-Its attracted to water
What is special about a fluid mosaic model?
It's the model of the plasma membrane, it is flexible, create patterns in the plasma membrane.