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clotting factor
excessive bleeding even from minor cutts due to lack of one of the agent involved in clot formation
Humoral immunity
-involves production of anti-bodies
-responsible for the proliferation of antibodies following exposure to antigens
Cell-mediated immunity
cells that combat fungal and viral infection
Immunoglobulins (lgs)
How many polypeptide chains does an antibody consist of?
4 (two heavy and two light)
Variable regions
antigen binding sites
Which lymphocytes are involved in the humoral response?
B lymphocytes
Plasma cells release...
antibodies specific for the antigen (involved in primary response)
Memory cells...
-remember the antigen and are long-lived in the bloodstream
-able to elicit a more immediate response (secondary response)
Vaccination confers what?
active immunity
Passive immunity
transfer of antibodies produced by another individual or organism
Autoimmune response
body is killing its own cells
What type of cells do lymph nodes contain?
phagocytic cells