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The Peripheral System consists of interneurons; the brain and spinal cord. True or False?
False. The Central Nervous system consists of interneurons
What are Nodes of Ranvier?
gaps between the schwann cells in the Myelin Sheath that speed up transmission
Describe the All-or-none theory.
the neuron either resonds fully or not at all
What is a synapse?
the space between a neurons axon and its target
What is the purpose of Cholinesterase?
to break down Acetylcholine
What are the two excitatory chemicals?
Acetylcholine and Dopamine
What does a sympathetic nerve do? What do they usually branch from?
prepare the body for action or emergency (flight or fight response)- mainly branch from spine
Give one acute effect and one life-threatening affect of Ecstasy.
acute: heightened perception,or reduced appetite,or elevated mood
life threatening: Hyperthermia, or renal failure,or Arrythmais
Give the sequential skills of the left hemispere in the brain.
speaking,reading,and arithmetic
How can you correct Myopia?
a concave lens
What is a cataract? How can it be corrected?
cloudiness in the lens that blocks light from entering the retina. Requires surgery to remove lens
What is a Macula? What is it also known as?
is filled with only cones and is the region of the retina. It is also called a Fovea Centralis
What lobe of the brain is respnsible for vision?
the occipital lobe
What is Static Equilibrium?
.(head position)
.the saccule and utricle containa gel filled with otoliths that move when the head is tilted
What is the Eustachian Tube?
a tube that equlizes pressure between the middle ear and the air outside