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What is the Structure of DNA?
a double helix
What is the structure of DNA? What is it made of?
It is a double helix. The sides of the ladder are made up of sugars and phosphates. The steps are 2 bases paired together A-T C-G
What are the differences between RNA and DNA?
DNA: Cant leave nucleus, Contains deoxyribose (sugar w/o oxygen), Double Stranded, has thymine not uracil

RNA: can leave nucleus, Contains ribose (sugar w/ oxygen), single stranded, has uracil not thymine
What is Protein Synthesis?
It takes place in the ribosomes. The DNA carries the instructions and then the RNA transfers the instrustions from DNA to the ribosomes. Then tRNA pick up the amino acid molecules floating in the cytoplasm and transport them to the ribosomes to be linked together to form a protein.
Which nucleic acids are involved with Replication?
Which nucleic acids are involved in transcription and translation?
What is a codon?
each set of 3 nitrogen bases in mRNA representing an amino acid.