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What are the 6 themes of Biology?
Cell strucutre & Function
Stablilty & Homeostasis
reproduction & inheritance
Interdependence of organims
Matter,energy & organization
What is Biology?
Biolgy is the study of life.
What is the diffrence between Heterotrophs and autotrophs?
A Heterotroph consumes food for energy and an autotroph makes its own food.
What is the diffrence between asexual reproduction and sexual reproduction?
Asexual reproduction you only need one organism to produce offspring and sexual reproduction is when two organims are combined
What is the diffrence between unicellular organisms and multicellular organisms?
Unicellular organism is only made of of one cell and a multicellular orgaism is made of many cells.
Give a short discription of Cell structure and function?
Cell structure and function is about the diffrent types of cells such as unicellular and multicellular organims and how they work. Also the organization of these cells and how they grow and become diffrent from each other and there diffrent functions that the are asigned to do.
Give a short discription on reproduction and inheritance?
Reproduction and inheritance has to do with how information is transfored to one organism to the next.
Give a short discription on evolution?
Evolution has to do with how things adapt and change for their enviorments. Traits from the parents get passed on to the offspring which can make the offspring adapt even better then their parents.
Give a short discription on interdependence of organisms?
Interdependence of organisms has to do with the ecosystems and why things go extinct from the affects that humans have on the ecosystems and the things that live in them.
Give a short discription on matter,energy and organization?
Matter, energy, and organization has to do with autotrophs and heterotrophs and what they are, and also photosynthesis.