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4.5 Billion Years Ago
Earth was formed with many other planets in the solar system
3.5 Billion Years Ago
First life on earth; prokaryotes
2 Billion Years Ago
First autotrophs appeared on Earth
1.5 Billion Years Ago
First eukaryotic cells appeared
.5 Billion Years Ago
First multicellular organisms; the explosion of larger organisms
Heterotroph Hypothesis
Heterotrophs came first because autotrophs are too complex to come first
descent with modification
hard paers replaced by mineral deposits; simpler ones in older rocks and more complex ones in newer rocks
Similarities in Living Organisms
-strustural similarities
-embryological similarities
-cellular similarities
-biocheical similarities
-vestigial similarities
-theory of need
-theory of use and disuse
-theory of inheritance acquired characteristics
thoery of matural selection
Thoery of Natural Selection
-many more ofspring than adults
-variation in the offspring
-competition between individuals
-the best adapted to the environment survives
-pass traits on to children
Mutatin theory of evolution
the theory of today
adaptive radiation
common ancestor
convergent evolution
2 ancestral groups become similar due to environment
two species evolving together