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The physical conditions of the atmoshpere
the description of long term weather patterns
the primary determinants of biomes
Weather and Climate
the two divisions of the atmosphere
troposphere and stratosphere
The part of the atmosphere where the weather occurs
the longest wave lenght
The shortest wave length
The light that is absorbed by the ozone
UV light
The light that is absorbed by CO2 and water
infrared radiation
What affects climate and light? It also amkes the tropics have more solar inpt and least sesonal variation on the earth and solar radiation near the equator. This initiates global circulation of air and creates precipiation and winds.
the tilt and movement of the earth
What makes hot air rises, which is replaced by cooler air, which makes a loss of water vapor and rising air creates an area of high pressure and then the air flows out of high pressure zone. Then, low pressure, cool, dry air subsides which compresses as it approaches earth and then flows out of ths region back toward low pressure?
Convection Current
How do prevailing winds get started?
Convection currents move in two directions and air warms at the equator, rises, and moves toward the poles.
How do circulation cells start
air sinks and rises in several intermediate bands.
What is the coriolis Effect?
WHen surface flows don't move directily north and south, are deflected. The dry, subsiding air creates broad, subtropical desert, so it affects biomes.
How does la Nina happen?
pools of warm water is held in western pacific by trade winds
How does el nino hapen?
jet streams pull moist air over the US which brings intense storms andheavy rains
What are natural causes of air pollution?
natural fires, volcanoes, sea spray, vegetation, bacterial metabolism, dust, and viruses/bacteria
what are teh tyeps of human induced air pollution?
Primary pollutants, secondary pollutants, and fugitive emissions
what are primary pollutants?
pollutants released directly from source
what are secondary pollutants?
pollutants modified to hazardous form after entering air and mixing with other components
what are fugitive emissions?
pollutants that do not exit through smokestack
Name four major types of air pollution listedi n the clean air act
Sulfur oxides, carbon oxides, metals and halogens, nitrogen oxides