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State the cell theory
All cells make upliving things
Cells are the basic unit of function and structure in living things
Cell are produced from prexisting cells
Basic unit of all forms of life
What is the structure that makes up every living thing?
What did a thin slice of cork seemlike to Robert Hooke when he observed it through a microscope?
chambers that the monks lived in
What did the German botanist Matthias Schleiden conclude?
That all plants are made of cells
What did the German scientist Theodor Schwann conclude?
That all animals are made of cells
How did Rudolph Virchow summarize his years of work?
That cells came from prexisting cells
uses energy from the sunlight to make energy-rich food
Small particle of RNA and protein that produces protein following instructions from nucleus
Stack of membranes in which enzymesattach carbohydrates and lipids to proteins
Golgi apparatus
Filled with enzymes used to break down food into paricles that can be used
An internal membrane system in which components of cellmembrane and some proteins are constructed
Endoplasmic reticulum (E.R)
Uses energy from food to make high-energy compounds
The process that occurs in cholorplasts is called
What do animal cells not contain?
Cell wall
Organisms whose cells lack nuclei
Organisms whose cells contain nuclei
What is an organelle?
structure that has a special job; a little organ
What are plant cell walls made out of?
What are chromosomes?
DNA information
All matter in the universe is composed oftiny particles called____.
An atom is the smallest___ that can exist
particle of matter
What is a substance composedof only one type ofatom.
An atom is composedof three types of particles. Name these.
Protons, neutrons and electrons
What is the name for the sum of protons and neutrons in the nucleus?
Atomic number
Atoms may gain or lose an electron and become a__
Ions can have what kind of charge?
Positive or negative
What kind of bonds formwhen atoms lose or gain electrons
What kind of bonds are formedwhen electrons are shared between atoms?
Groups or families run
up and down
Periods run
Organic compounds come from
living things
Inorganic things come from
nonliving things
Carbohydrates are composed of
carbon, hydrogen and oxygen
What is the temperature that water reaches its maximum density?
4 degrees Celsius
What is cohesion?
The bonding of water molecules to each other
One sugar EX: Glucose, fructose
Two sugars: Ex: sucrose
Many sugars Ex. glycogen, starches