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Describe the chloroplasts within a cell.
-found in plants and certain types of algae
What is the role of ribosomes within the cell?
-they are sites where proteins are assembled
-protein synthesis
What is the role of chloroplasts within the cell?
-brings energy to the plant cell
Describe how the lysosomes appear within a cell.
-saclike membrane filled with chemicals and enzymes
Describe the appearance of the mitochondria.
-chemical fuel
-2 membranes
Describe how the nucleus appears.
-most contain dense region
-surrounded by 2 membranes
-contains pores that allow material to move in and out
What is the role of mitochondria within a cell?
-produces energy from a chemical fuel and oxygen
-site of ATP synthesis
what is the function of the golgi apparatus within a cell?
-network of membranes within a cell
-allows proteins to be distributed
Describe the appearence of the vacuoles.
-saclike structure
Describe how the cytoplasm appears.
-portion outside the nucleus
What is the role of the vacuoles within a cell?
-stores materials
What is the role of endoplasmic reticulum with in a cell?
-processing and transporting proteins and other macromolecules
Describe how ribosomes appear.
-tiny particles of RNA and protein
-20 nanometers wide
-20% of width of a typical cell
Describe how the golgi apparatus appears.
-wall like structure
What is the role of cytoplasm within the cell?
-protects nucleus
-colloid liquid with large solid molecules
What is the role of the nucleus within the cell?
the nucleus contains nearly all of a cells DNA
Describe how endoplasmic reticulum appears.
-network of membranes within a wall
What is the role of the lysosomes within a cell?
-cleanup crew
-filled with chemicals
Describe how the cytoskeleton appears.
-contains supporting framework
What is the role of the cytoskeleton within a cell?
-moves things from one end of the cell to another