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Because of globalization, humans of different races are coming into contact with greater frequency and effectively making the whole human population less diverse as traits that have typically set off one human race from another become less defined. This phenomenon is a direct result of
gene flow
A disease such as I-cell disease, which results in hydrolytic lysosomal enzymes being shipped out of the cell into the extracellular matrix rather than packaged into lysosomes, may cause damage to cells due to
the buildup of material within cells that would normally be broken down
Which of the following structures of the eye contains the light-sensitive pigment rhodopsin?
If plants are exposed to carbon dioxide containing only carbon-14, after several days one would expect to find the greatest radioactivity in the
A species of fungus is seen to grow on a certain type of animal feces. The relationship between the fungus and the feces is known as
A hormone secreted by the duodenal mucosal cells in order to stimulate the release of pancreatic juice is
The frequency, under given environmental conditions, with which a specific phenotype is expressed by those individuals with a specific genotype is known as
Filter microbes out of a fluid that eventually enters the blood
lymph nodes
a substance released at the end of one nerve that sends a signal to the next cell
a neurotransmitter
which is the division of the peripheral nervous system associated with involuntary responses?
which taxa is composed of animals that lack jaws
True or false. DNA in the nucleus is duplicated during interphase.
The organism that causes the disease malaria belongs to what phylum
What is the name of the structure that detoxifies alcohol in the liver?
smooth endoplasmic reticulum
A group of very closely related species that share a number of similar traits is called a
Where is the main site where ATP is produced
Sharks and dolphins are similar in appearance because of
convergent evolution
A small ring of DNA in a bacteria is a
which antibiotic interferes with peptidoglycan
Cellular division that produces daughter cells with half the number of chromosomes of parent cells is called
What do both mitochondria and chloroplasts have in common?
they are structures where ATP is produced
What are all the pieces of taxonomy (preferably in order).
Kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species
The first fossils of eukaryotic cells show up in rocks that are how old?
1.5 billion years old
Red tides are caused by the phylum
What are toxic waste products produced mainly by gram-positive bacteria
The genus of the bacteria that causes botulism is
What would be found in an animal cell, but not in a bacterial cell?
endoplasmic reticulum
What is a portion of DNA in the chromosome that codes for a particular trait
a gene
The oldest fossils of Homo sapiens are thought to be how old?>
What is the name of the protein shel that encloses a virus's genetic material?
A series of nucleotides in DNA that can carry the code for a particular amino acid
Which characteristic of many different animal gropus is associated with bilateral symmetry?
Cell reproduction in bacteria is accomplished by
binary fission
The stage of mitosis in which chromosome separate is
Choose prokaryotic or eucaryotic. Which lack membrane-enclosed nuclei?
The movement of uncharged molecules from a low concentration to a higher concentration is described by
active transport
What has a nucleic acid-based genome enclosed in a protein coat
Cells that have stopped dividing and are differentiating are
in the Go phase of the cell cycle
What is a human cell that contains 22 pairs of autosomes and two X chromosomes?
a female somatic cell
What is a genetic cross between a homozygous recessive individual and one of an unknown genotype?
a test-cross
The energy actually available within a system is a description of
free energy
How many types of bacteria are identified as being involved in nitrogen fixation?