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Humans have had an impact on
The impact has caused a rapid decrease in
All the variety of life. usually refers to the variety of a species that makes up a community.
What human impacts have had an impact on biodiversity?
Food production-caused near elimination of many fish species by over harvesting.
Ex. Introducing the Nile Perch an agressive predator fish.
What human impacts have had an impact on biodiversity?
Surface and ground water supplies have been depleted for irragation.
What human impacts have had an impact on biodiversity?
Toxic compounds have been spred in an attempt to control pests in croplands.
Why toxic compunds to kill pests have an effect on biodiversity?
Most pesticides are broad- spectrum poisons that kill non-pest species as well as pests.
Why toxic compunds to kill pests have an effect on biodiversity?
Persistence pesticides are not biodegradable. They become widely distributed and become concentrated in predators by biological magnification.
Biological magnification
The accumulation of persistent chemicals in the living tissues of consumers in food chains.
Pollution exists when....
wastes degrade the enviroments' suitability for any of the organisms that normally inhabit it.
Water pollution is both a treat to ....
public health and an ecological issue.
r pollution robs aqautic habitats of..
Air pollution results mainly from...
combustion either of automobile engines or in industrial and power generation plants.
Air pollution damages a plant...
mostly in the photosynthetic tissue of the leaf.
Acid precipitation damages both
Land and aqautic communites
Scientist say that air pollution is responsible for the thinning of..
the ozone layer.
scientist say that air pollution is responsible for the
Greenhouse effect and global warming.
Radio active pollutants live
for a long time
Long life of radioactive pollutants allows them to
pass extensively through food chains.
Nuclear weapons, manufacturing and industrial processes release?
radioactive isotopes.
Solid wastes destroys...
wetlands and wild life.
Solid wastes are disposed of through?
open dumps, ocean dumping, and mainly through landfills and incineration.
anfills like dumps can pollute?
ground water, as contaminates leak into ground.
Extinction happens through..
enviromental pollution
introduction of exotic species
habitat destruction
Why biodiversity is important
Medicines and food
Ethical and religious
Biodiversity hot spots
Where most species are found
Endangered species
those that are in danger of extinction.
Threatened species
Those that are likely to become endangered.
Effects of human population growth?
consumes resources
impacts biodiversity
produces pollution
Current human growth rate
8 billion by the year 2100
Ripple effect
Loose one species then other species start to disapear.