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graphoc representation of gentic inheritance used by geneticist to map genetics
an individual heterogyzous for a specific trait
a developing mammel from nine weeks to birth
inheritance pattern where the penotype of a heterozygous is intermediate between those two homozygotes
incomplete dominance RR x R'R'
pattern where phenotypes of both homozygote parents are produced in heterozygous offspring, so equal
codomminant alleles BB x WW
presence of more than two alleles for a genetic trait
multiple alleles
pairs of homologous chromosomes in somatic cells
23rd pair of chromosomes determine sex
sex chromosome
traits controlled by genes located on sex chromosomes
sex-linked traits X^A X^A x X^B X^B
inheritance pattern of a trait controlled by two or more genes
polygenic inheritance
chart of metaphase chromosome pairs arranged according to length and location of centromere
mating between closely related individuals
mating of an individual of unknown genotypes with an individual of known genotype
test cross
genetically identical copies of organism
in recombinant DNA technology, the rejoining of DNA fragments by vectors and other enzymes
gene splicing
method of cutting DNA from one organism and inserting into another
genetic engineering
small ring of DNA found in a bacterial cell that is used as biological vector
DNA made by recombining fragments of DNA from different sources
recombinant DNA
DNA cutting enzymes that can cut both strands of DNA molecule at a specific nucleotide sequence
restriction enzyme
organisms that contain functional recombinant DNA from different protein
transgenic organism
unsertion of normal genes into human cells to correct gentic disorders
gene therapy
Map of 80,000 genes on 46 human chromosomes that when mapped and sequenced, may provide information on the treatment or cure of genetic disorders
Human Genome
genetic map that shows the location of genes on a chromosome
linkage map