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What is the name of a meat substitute made from fungus?
What products are being made using Quorn?
Chicken-like nuggets
Fettuccini alfredo
ground-beef alternative
What is the name of fungus protein?
Scientists found the fungus used to make Quorn growing ______________.
west of London
What is the population of China? What will it be in 10 years?
2 billion; 3 billion
The number of new mouths to feed each year is equal to ...
the entire population of Mexico
Pests consume or destroy __%-__% of our foods, even using pesticides.
Most Americans eat __-__ pounds of insects every year. That's like eating ____ bees.
1-2 pounds; 7,000 bees
How many children died last year from starvation and malnutrition
6 million
In six asparagus: 5 insects, 40 thrips, 40 insects in 100 g sample
One sample: 60 microscopic insect fragments or an average of 1.5 rodent hairs
Coffee beans
10% insect-infestation damage or molded
Fig paste
13 insect heads in two 100 g samples
20% of the body may be rotten; 5% can be stinking and rotten over 25% of body
(used to make beer)2500 insects per ? grams
1% insect- or mold-infested by weight
1% excreta in a pound
10 oz sample: one rodent pellet or 1 rodent hair; 20 knawed grains per pound with hair in 50% of sample
In 100 g sample: either 50 aphids, 50 thrips or 50 mites; 8 leaf miners per can; 2 spinach worms or 10% decomposition
55% may be moldy
2 maggots per can
Golden raisins
35 fruit-fly eggs per 8 oz sample
Potato chips
6% by weight can show rot.
The green ring around some chips is solanin, a toxin.
Green coffee beans
One live bug out of two containers or 2 dead ones in five containers
1 rodent hair per 100 g
3% moldy or wormy by count
3.5 oz can: 20 maggots
Whole pepper
1% mammalian excreta per pound on average
__ cause the most alergies. In the United States, __ million are allergic to them.
Peanuts; 1.5 million
The biggest health problems in America
diabetes and heart disease
About how many kids nowadays are overweight?
The most consumed food in the United States
(291 lbs a year per person)
Second most consumed food in the United States
Irish potatoes
(120 lbs per year)
Unhealthy stuff on the Top 33 list
refined sugar, oil and edible fats, ice cream, shortening, margarine, butter, lard
Armor potted meat
mechanically separated chicken, beef tripe, partially defatted cooked beef fatty tissue, beef hearts, partially defatted cooked pork fatty tissue
Swift premium meats
beef tripe, pork stomachs, rendered beef fat, lard, beef hearts, tissue solids
Spread for crackers in Christmas package
pork liver, lard, goose fat, goose liver, truffles
Hogs' head cheese
hog snouts, hog hearts, hog skin, watery pork, hog brains
The No. 1 source of food in the world
seed plants
Seed plants give us ___% of the total direct food from plants.
__% of the toal agricultural effort is to feed ___
80%; people
How many species of plants are known?
How many species of insects are there?
800,000-1 million
Of all the plants in the world, how many are used for food?
How many plants are widely cultivated?
Of the 300 widely cultivated plants, __ produce __% of the world's food supply.
11; 95%