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Mitosis was first described closest to? 1600, 1700, 1800, or 1900.
The product of mitosis in one diploid nucleus will be?
Two diploid nuclei, genetically identical
What is the product at the end of meiosis?
Four haploid nuclei, genetically different
The evidence of heritable abnormality, say hemophilia or red/green color blindness which is more frequent in males than females is a strong indication that the gene controlling the malfunction is on which chromosome?
On the X chromosome
How many bivalents are present at the end of prophase 1 of meiosis in a diploid nucleus?
The haploid number
Repeated inbreeding in a population results in increased levels of disability because of?
An increasing homozygosity.
Name the person.
Biological Classification
Name the person.
Discovering bacteria/microorganisms
Name the person.
Name the person.
Cell Nucleus
Name the person.
Population growth
Which is more reliable? Hypothesis or theory?
A theory
Biology is the study of?
Living things
Evolution has occurred by the process of?
Natural selection
True or False.
The Hardy/Weinberg Principle proves mathmatically that evolution cannot occur.
False- the conditions for their predictions to be accurate require unnatural conditions in the breeding population.
The genotype of an organism describes?
The collection of genes that the organism has
The phenotype of an organism describes?
What the organism will look like
An individual in which both alleles of a gene are the same is said to be?
Dominant for that gene
What are gametes?
They are haploid
In a classic Mendelian monohybrid cross the phenotypic ratio in the F2 generation would be?
What would be the phenotypic ratio for a classic Mendelian dihybrid cross?
If in a dihybrid cross following Mendel's example you found only 2 recombiant plant phenotypes in 500 F2 plants, what would you conclude?
The two genes you had chosen to work with were "linked"
In another dihybrid cross experiment in which Mendel's predictions were fulfilled exactly, the genotype of the F1 individuals was XxYy. What are the possible gametic genotypes from those F1's?
XY, Xy, xY, xy
Mendel identified 'dominant' and 'recessive' factors. Today these would be described as?
Alleles of one gene
Name that person.
Inheritance of aquired characteristics
Name that person.
Allele frequency in a population
Hardy and Weinberg
Name that person.
Chemical Evolution
Stanley Miller
Name that person.
The Cell Theory
Schleiden and Schwann
Name that person.
Natural Selection
Alfred Russel Wallace
In which ship did Darwin sail around the world?
Darwin's favorite islands, The Galapagos, have...
Developed from volcanic activity on the ocean floor.
In which ocean are the Galapagos islands?
Which collection of gasses could not of been present in the early atmosphere of Earth for the idea of a 'primordial soup' to have been plausible? What is the major gas that causes this?
True or false.
Prokaryotic cells have nuclei.
New cells are produced as a result of...
The age of the Earth is currently estimated by geologists to be about...
4.5 billion years old
Recognizable "human" forms have been around for...
2 million years
"Survival of the fittest" is a common description of Darwin's ideas on Evolution. It is reasonable as long as 'fitness' is measured by...
Reproductive success
A zygot is..
Match the date.
Isaac Newton
Match the date.
Gregor Mendel
Match the date.
Charles Darwin
Match the date.
Carl Linneaus
Match the date.
Mathias Schleiden and Theodore Schwann
Match the date.
Louis Pasteur
How many chromotids?
Beginning of interphase
How many chromotids?
Anaphase in mitosis
Anaphase 1 in meiosis
End of interphase
How many chromotids are there in a bivalent at the end of prophase 1 in meiosis?