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What system do most scientists use to collect data & do experiements?
metric system
Light microsopes produce m___________ i__________ by doing what?
magnified images by focusing visible light rays.
Eletron microsopes produce images by doing what?
focusing beams of electrons.
Metric system is based on multiples of what number?
1 meter = ____ cm
1 meter = ______ (mm)
1,0000 meters = ___ (km)
100 cm
1000 mm
1 km
In the metric system what is used to measure volume?
In the metric system what is used to measure mass?
In the metric system, what is used to measure temperature?
1 kilogram = ______ grams(g)
1 gram = ______ milligrams(mg)
1000 kilograms = ____ metric ton (t)
1000 grams
1000 milligrams

1 metric ton
Explain one way biologists record data from an experiment:
By using a data table, then the data is plotted on a graph to make it easier to interpret.
What do compound light microscopes do?
Allow light to pass trhough the specimen and use 2 lenses to form an image.
What microscope can see organisms and cell alive?
compound light microsope.
What microsope is most commonly used?
Light microscopes.
What is a cell culture?
a group of cells that develops from a single cell by being placed into a testing dish with a nutrient solution that allows the cells to multiply.
What technique do biologists use to separate the different cell parts?
Cell fractionation
What kind of objects can be observed with an Electron Microsope?
Only dead and preserved cells
What kind of objects can light microsopes observe?
dead and some alive cells and organisms
What is the purpose and technique of cell fractionation?
The purpose is to study just one part of the cell. The technique is to break the cell into pieces in a blender, etc....
What are 2 common laboratory techniques that biologists use to study cells?
cell culturing and cell fractionation.
Why do scientists need to use a common system of measurement?
To repeat and test each others experiments they need to use the same system.