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Describe Mendel's experiment?
made pure-breeding varietis of pea plants through self-pollination and selection

performed cross breeding between pure and varieties to make hybrids and found that color resembled only the dominant parent

self fertilized hybrids for several generations and found that some plants produced the recessive and dominant traits
What are alleles?
alternative genes that lead to different traits, inherit one allele from each parent
homozygous = 2 of the same hetero etc.
What are Mendel's laws of heredity?
law of segregation
- hetero alleles are seperated from each other and remain distinct

law of independent assortment
- genes that are located on different chromosomes assort independently of one another
What is the pleiotropic effect?
bonus: ex?
alleles often have more than one effect on the phenotype

marphan's syndrome (arachnodactyly)
disease of connective tissue
long arms and legs
heart and vision problems
What is epistasis?
one gene interferes with the expression of another gene
ex: something determines pigment color something else determines pigment deposit
What is co-dominance?
no single allele is dominant and each allele has its own effect such as in blood types