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She helped other slaves get to freedom by the Underground Railroad
Harriet Tubman
He is the father of our country
George Washington
He was from England and brought ships to the New World, Susan Constance, Discovery, and Godspeed
Christopher Newport
He warned that the British soldiers were coming
Paul Revere
He was a frontiersman and died at the Alamo
Davy Crockett
He was the first leader of Jamestown
Captain John Smith
She created Hull House for the poor
Jane Addams
She was the daughter of Chief Powhatan and married John Rolfe
He was the Father of the American Navy
John Paul Jones
He was a scientist, politician and discovered electricty
Benjamin Franklin
He was a pioneer and was famous for planting apple seeds across the country
John Chapman
She sewed the first American flag
Betsy Ross
She worked so that women would have the same rights as men
Susan B. Anthony
He was the 16th President during the Civil War, helped free the slaves
Abraham Lincoln
French explorer who established the first successful settlement in Quebec, "Father of Canada"
Samuel de Champlain
Spanish explorer who searched for the "Fountain of Youth" but found Florida instead
Ponce de Leon
African-American minister, civil rights leader, most famous speech, "I Have a Dream"
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Spanish explorer who discovered the "New World" in 1492
Christopher Columbus
French explorer who found the St. Lawrence River while searching for the "Northwest Passage"
Jacques Cartier
He was a scientist who found many uses for peanuts
George Washington Carver
He grew and traded tobacco with England, married Pocahontas
Captain John Rolfe
English explorer who named "Newfoundland" and gave England claim to North America
John Cabot
He was born a slave in Virginia later started a college called the Tuskegee Institute
Booker T. Washington