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Xenophanes, Empedocles, Aristotle
Early ideas of evolution, fossils as evidence of former life
Archbishop Ussher
Fixed 4004bc as time of creation
Stressed importance of environment of modification of animals
First mechanism for evolution "Inheritance of Acquired Characteristics"
Principle of Uniformitarianism. 1. Laws of physics and chemistry remain constant through time. 2. Past geological events occurred by natural processes still in action. Darwin read his book on voyage
Naturalist on HMS Beagle w/ Capitan Robert Fitzroy
Darwin's Voyage
Coast of S. America, galapagos islands. Collected animals, plants, and fossils. Comparisons made and conclusions drawn
Darwin's England Studies
Read malthus' principle of population - Limited resources lead to struggle for existence. Gets his book ready.
Sends darwin his manuscript, birds and butterflies in Indonesian islands
Mechanisms of NS
1) Individuals Vary
2) Some of that phenotypic variation is heritable
3) Not all individuals in a population survive to reproduce
4) Individuals that possess traits that allow them to survive and reproduce will produce more offspring
5) Results in greater frequency of individuals with these traits in next gen
Random Component
Sources of variation. Mutations
Non-Random Components
Only advantageous traits persist. Allows possessors to have higher fitness
Relative Fitness
Relative to others in pop
Local Fitness
Local for which characteristics are beneficial
An anatomical structure, physiological process or behavioral trait that evolved by NS