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59) Protein strands are bonded by?
Peptide bonds
60) What are the four stages of translation?
(TIE T): 1) tRNA charging (addition of the correct a.a. to the correct tRNA); 2) Initiation (assembly mRNA, ribosomes, and tRNA); 3) Elongation (reading the code and converting the information into a peptide); 4) Termination (ending the synthesis of a protein).
61) What does degenerate mean?
Different codons, code for the same amino acid.
62) What is the start codon?
AUG – Met
63) What are the three stop codons?
64) Because of the “Wobble” the cell does not need to have 61 tRNA’s, what is the minimum needed?
32 tRNA’s
65) How many can humans get by with?
38 tRNA’s
66) What is the Shine-Dalgarno sequence (AGGAGG)?
The signal for initiation of protein biosynthesis in bacterial mRNA. Located at -5.
67) During translation where is the first amino acid delivered to in the ribosome?
To the A-site, since the P-site is taken by the pre-assembled Met