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The function of many proteins involve ...
the reversible binding of other molecules
A molecule bound reversibly by a protein is called
a ligand
A ligand may be any kind of ...
of molecule, including another protein
The transient nature of protein-ligand interactions is critical to ?

- allowing an organism to respond rapidly and reversibly to changing environmental and metabolic circumstances
The interaction of a ligand binding to a site on a protein is
- specific

- the protein can discriminate among the thousands of different molecules in its environment and selectly bind only one or a few
the protein in a protein-ligand can discriminate among ...
the thousands of different molecules in its environment and selectly bind only one or a few
A ligand binds at a site on the protein called ?
the binding site
A binding site of a protein is complementary to the ligand in
size, shape, charge, and hydrophobic or hydrophilic character
A given protein may have separate binding sites for
- several different ligands.

- These specific molecular interactions are crucial in maintaining the high degree in a living system
Protein are flexible. Changes in conformation may be subtle, reflecting ...
- molecular vibrations and small movements of animo acid residues throughout the protein.

- A protein flexing in this way is sometimes said to "breathe"
A protein flexing reflecting molecular vibs and small movements of animo acids is sometimes said to ?
Specific conformational changes are freq. essential to
A protein's function
The binding of a protein and ligand is often coupled to
a conformational change in the protein that makes the binding site more complementary to the ligand, permitting tighter binding.
The structural adaptation that occurs between protein and ligand is called
induced fit
Interactions between ligands and proteins may be regulated, usually through . .
specific interactions with one or more ligands
Enzymes represent a special case of ..
protein function.
Enzymes bind and chemically transform ...
other molecules - they catalyze rxns.
The molecules acted upon by enzymes are called ________ rather than ligands, and the ligand-binding site is called ___________
- reaction substrates

- the catalytic site or active site