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Where does photosythesis take place?
Where is drama Act I performed of photosynthesis?
thylakoid membrane inside each disk
What happens in the thylakoid membrane?
light energy is captured by electrons of chlorophyll molecules
What happens to the excited electrons?
they are passed along a series of acceptors in an electron transport chain
What do the protons do that were pumped out of the thylakoid membrane?
drive the production of ATP
What do excited electrons do?
they reduce NADP+ to NADH
What is the energy used for that is stored in NADH?
It is used in Act II for the biosythesis of glucose-- this takes place in the dark of the stroma-outside of the thylakoid membrane
With what is CO2 from the atmosphere combined?
a five carbon sugar
The light energy involved with photosynthesis drives the reduction of carbon essentially in what direction?
the reverse direction of oxidative carbohydrate metabolism
Where do light reactions take place?
Where do dark reactions take place?
Where do primary reactions of photosynthesis occur?
photosynthetic reaction center (PRC)
What do chlorophyll molecules in the reaction center do?
gather light- act as light harvesting antennas
What do the antenna chlorophylls do with the energy of the absorbed photons?
they pass the units of light from molecule to molecule until it reaches a PRC
What can sometimes happen with the energy of an absorbed photon?
it can be re-emitted in the form of fluorescence
Are there different types of chlorophyll?
What type of ring do all chlorophylls have?
tetrapyrrole ring similar to that of porphryins of heme
Do chorophylls absorb different wavelengths of light?
What are the accessory light absorbing pigments?
What type of element does chlorophyl have in its center?
Does heme or chlorophyll have an extra ring?
Do light-harvesting complexes contain multiple pigments?
What are most of the light-harvesting complexes?
antenna pigments
What is the time for energy transer to the reaction center?
Accessory pigments
"fill in" regions of the absorption not covered by chlorophylls
In deeper water (10 m), light outside of wavelengths 450-550 nm is completely absorbed so what do algae and cyanobacteria replace chlorophyll a with?
phycoerythrin and phycocyanin
How many processes are part of photosynthesis?
What do the light reactions consist of?
electron transfer, where water is oxidized to produce oxygen and NADP+ is reduced to produce NADPH
What do the light reactions consist of?
electron transfer where carbon dioxide is reduced to carbohydrates
How many parts can we consider electrons in the light reaction to have?
What is the first part of the trip the electron takes?
transfer electrons from water to the reaction-center chlorophyllof PSII
What is the second part of the trip the electron takes?
the transfer of the electrons from the excited state chlorophyll of PSII to an electron-transport chain consisting of accessory pigments and cytochromes, with energy provided by absorption of a photon of light
What is the third part of the trip the electron takes?
moving of electrons from the excited-state chlorophyll of PSI to the ultimate electron acceptor NADP+, producing NADPH (again using energy provided by light)
The absorption of one photon does what?
promotes electron from ground state to excited state
What does the energy difference have to match?
energy difference between two states has to match the energy of the photon
Excitation transfer
resonance energy transfer