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Phospholipid degradation
The partial or complete breakdown ofphospholipids to produce FA, alcohol headgroups, glycerol
Is released by phospholipase leading to prostagladin synthesis
Arachidonic acid
Relased from phospholipase C (phosphatidyl inositol)and are both secondary messangers
Inositol 1,4,5-triphosphatase & diacylglycerol
Increased Lepin production, but receptors are dysfunctional
Tays-Sachs disease
-Deficiency of Enzyme hexosaminidase A
-Principle storage substance: Ganglioside G
-Mental retardation, blindness, cherry red spot on macula, death between second/third year
Gaucher's disease
-Enzyme deficiency: Hexosaminidase A
-Principal storage substance: Glucocerebroside
-Liver and spleen enlargement, erosin of long bones & pelvis, mental retardation in infantile form only
Niemann-Pick disease
-Enzyme deficiency: Sphinogmyelinase
-Storage substance: Sphingomyelin
-Liver and spleen enlargement, mental retardation
Respiratory Distress Syndrom
Decreased amts of Lecithin (phosphotidylcholine)

Lecithin found in lung surfactant