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Eating disorders affect how may people in the U.S.?
~5 million, mostly girls and young women
Whom are esp. vulnerable to eating disorders?
What are the 3 parts of the female athlete triad?
1. disordered eating (anorexia, bulemia)

2. Amenorrhea

3. Bone loss
What is amenorrhea?
Absence or cessation of menstruation; missing at least 3 consecutive periods.
What does bone loss lead to?
Stress fractures and ultimately osteoporosis.
?% of those struck by anorexia nervosa are women.
What are the 4 criteria for an anorexic diagnosis?
1. Refusal to maintain body wt

2. Underwt, and fearful of gaining

3. Disturbance in perception of wt and shape, or denial of underwt

4. If past puberty, amenorrhea
Anorexia has both ? and ? characteristics.
Both physical and psychological characteristics.
Bulimia nervosa is often referred to as what?
Which is more prevalent bulimia or anorexia?
Bulimia, but it is less noticeable.
Does bulimia affect more women than men?
Yes, but not as one-sided as anorexia.
List the 5 criteria for a bulimic diagnosis?
1. Recurrent episodes of binge eating

2. Recurrent inappropriate compensatory behavior (fast, exercise, purging)

3. Above at least 2X/week or 3 months

4. Self-image unduly influenced by wt and shape

5. Disturbance (eg, depression) not just during binge episodes.
Bulimic binge is often characterized by what?
By a sense of lack of control.
How do bulimic binges often occur?
In secret and often at night.
Bulimic binges often follow what?
Rigid dieting (intense hunger).
3 treatments for bulimia?
1. Establish regular eating pattern

2. Emphasize weight maintenance (not loss/gain)

3. Mental hlth professional should be involved
What is a binge-eating disorder?
A milder form of bulimia
What is unspecified eating disorder?
Similar to, but milder than, anorexia or bulimia.
What is ironic about eating disorders?
They are most common in developed nations; and within these nations, primarily among those with access to food in abundance.
Good ? is more important than just 'good' wt.
Good health is more important than just 'good' wt.