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Oxidative Phosphorylation occurs where?
located in Mitochondrial inner membrane
Electron transport cannot occur without the formation of what?
NADH and what are electron donors in oxidative phosphorylation?
What is the terminal electron acceptor in oxidative phosphorylation?
What is the major source of ATP in aerobic cells?
Oxidative phosphorylation
free energy liberated during electron transport is utilized how in phosphorylation?
utilized to vectorally pump protons to the inter-membrane space of the mitochondria
How is energy trapped to form ATP using protons?
the protons that were vectorally pumped are returned to the matrix through a pore in the ATP-synthase complex
Proton motive force is analogous to what in an electrical cell
electromotive force
What two gradients are utilized in oxidative phosphorylation
chemical and electrical
Chemical energy change during phosphorylation is reflected in what difference between the two sides?