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Lac operon
codes for 3 prots involved in the catabolism of the disaccharide lactose
LacZ codes for what?
Beta-galactosidase, which hydrolyzes lactose to galactose and glucose
LacY gene codes for what?
permease that facilitates the movement of lactose into the cell
LacA gene codes for what?
galactoside transacetylase, non metabolites removal
What does glucose do in catabolite repression?
glucose reduces cAMP which is required for activation of CAP (DNA binding prot) and transcription of lac operon
High glucose = ?
low cAMP
Low glucose = ?
high cAMP = active lac operon
E.coli regulation is at what level?
regulation at the level of transcription
concentrate functionally related genes in a sequence in the chromosome (not so in eukaryotes)
How do DNA binding prots work?
positive cntrl (CAP-cAMP) and negative cntrl (lac and trp repressor)