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What is biochemistry?
-study of the chemistry of life
What are the characteristics of Archaea?
-often found in extreme locations such as hot springs and salt pools
-lack a nucleus
-lipids are unique
What are the characteristics of bacteria?
-lack a cell nucleus
-consist of all prokaryotic pathogenic organisms
What are the characteristics of a eukaryote?
-DNA is stored in a nucleus
-all multicellular organisms are eukaryotes
What is the purpose of the cell membrane?
-keep good molcules in and bad molcules out
What are the characteristics of the cell membrane?
-1/8 in. thick granuklar in appearance
-outside of membrance is covered with carbohydrate chains
What is the characteristics of the nucleus?
-site of DNA storage, replication and mRNA sythesis
What are the characteristics of the endoplasmic reticulum?
-site of membrane and secrteted protein synthesis
-covered with ribosomes
What is the purpose of the golgi complex?
-site of membrane and secreted protein "maturation" (modification)
What is the purpose of the mitochondrion?
-site of aerobic ATP synthesis and other aerobic metabolism
What is the structure of DNA?
-a polymer of nucleotides
-has 2 backbones that twist about into a double helix
-accomodates any sequence of bases