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converts N2 to ammonia
glutamine synthase
adds NH4 to glutamate to make glutamine
glutamate dehydrogenase
adds NH4 to alpha-ketoglutarate to make glutamate
name 2 ways glutamine synthetase is regulated
covalent modification (adenylation)
feedback inhibition by end products
vitamin B6
pyridoxal phosphate (PLP)
cofactor for aminotransferases
vitamin B6 (pyridoxal phosphate)
intermediate in PLP catalyzed reactions
Schiff Base
2 amino acids that transport ammonia to the liver
alanine and glutamine
cloning vectors
an additional piece of DNA that facilitates transfer back into a living organism
Another name for riboflavin?
Vitamin B2
anomeric carbon
another name for carbonyl carbon
reducing end
end of polysaccharide with free anomeric carbon
proteins that read the sugar code

bind carbs with high affinity and specificity
eukaryotic membrane lipids

has polar head group of complex oligosaccharide with sialic acid
catalyze condensations without ATP
catalyze condensations with ATP
glycogen phosphorylase
removes glucose repetitively from nonreducing ends of glycogen, up to 4 glucoses away from an alpha 1,6 branch point