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What kind of mutation would ionizing radiation cause?
strand breakage and direct or indirect damage to DNA (thru hydrolysis)
What kind of mutation can chemicals cause?
Base analogs and modifications ---> both lead to mismatches
What kind of mutation can intercalating agents cause?
Helix distortions and can lead to base insertion/deletion/mismatches
What kind of damage can UV damage cause?
Pyrimidine cross linking (stalls replication)
What kind of spontaneous mutations can occur?
Replication mistakes (mismatches /insertions) and chemical degradation
How does DNA repair by DNA polymerase I work?
DNA P. I cuts the bad bases out thru exonuclease activity from 3' to 5' end, then resynthesizes correct bases 5' to 3'
How is MutS involved in DNA repair?
It is involved in methyl-directed Mismatch Repair, by scanning DNA for mismatches. Errors do not occur on the template because they are methylated (for protection)
what is excision repair?
when an Endonuclease recognizes that there is a base missing, so it calls the exonuclease to cut it out. DNA then gets rebuilt in