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what is the name of the adhesion protein in charge of attaching sister chromatids until anaphase?
what an important reason to have sister chromatids bound until anaphase?
allows for repair of ds breaks via homologous recombination
what is the consequence of Bloom's syndrome?
it causes an inordinate amount of ds breaks in DNA during replication
how do homologous chromosomes interact during mitosis?
they do not
how many kinetochores are present per sister chromatid pair in a replicating cell?
2, one per chromatid
what resists the forces pulling the kinetochores in opposite directions during mitosis?
which protein is in charge of breaking cohesin before onset of anaphase?
mitosis results in cells that are diploid or haploid? Meiosis?
diploid; hapioid
what is another name for the cell division in meiosis I? meiosis II?
reductional division; equational division
which adhesive unit is maintained in chromosomes during meiosis I?
which adhesive unit is broken in meiosis II?
how are homologous chromosomes separated before onset of Anaphase I?
via separase
what is the major difference between homologous recombination in mitosis and meiosis I?
in mitosis, recombination is a repair mechanism. In meiosis, it is part of the normal process
what is the name for the complex which prevents recombination between sister chromatids?
synaptonemeal complex
what is the biggest difference between recombination in mitosis and meiosis?
in mitosis, recombination happens betweeen sister chromatids; in meiosis, it happens between homologous chromosomes
what are the two variations of cytokinesis?
symmetric and assymetric