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what are the three aa derivatives?
porphyrin, creatine, NTs
How is glutamate made?
from aas through transamination
How is glutamine made?
from glutamate
When is glutamine synthesis shut off?
when all inhibitors (AMP, trypt, CTP, histadine, glucosamine 6-P, carbamoyl P, glycine, alanine) are present
How do you know that glutamine synthesase is in its active form?
it does not have adenyl group attached
aa can be grouped into how many families?
Porphyrins are made from which aa?
creatine is synthesized from?
gly, arg, met
which nts are made from tyrosine?
Dopa, NE, E
which nt is made from glutamate?
which nt is made from tryptophan?
Which nt is made from histidine?
how do you make CTP?
UMP phosphorylate to UDP, phosphorylate to UTP then to CTP (to CDP if wanted)
how are purines (A, G) degraded?
to uric acid then excreted
how are pyrimidines (C,T,U) degraded?
to NH4+ to urea to excretion