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Analyze the importance of the density of water
blue planet is 3/4 water, Ice is less dense than liquid H2O, Ice floats on the surface instead of sinking to the bottom
Explain why a water molecule is polar
The oxygen end of the atom has a slight (-)charge. The hydrogen end has a slight (+) charge
Give an example of a hydrogen bond. Describe its strength
The attraction b/t the oxygen end of one H2O molecule with the hydrogen end of another H2O molecule.
Weak, not like other bonds
Define cohesion
An attraction b/t molecules of the same substancebecause of Hydrogen bonding, water is cohesive.
Define adhesion.
An attraction b/t molecules of different substances. (water and glass)
What is capillary action?
Adhesion can cause a liquid to rise against the force of gravity. (plants, roots)
Define mixture.
Two or more elements or compounds physically mixed together but not chemically changed.
ex. - sugar and sand, vinegar and oil, chocolate milk
Define solution.
Type of mixture where all components are evenly distributed throughout.
ex. - salt water, sugar water
Define suspension.
Mixtures of water and non-dissolved material. Blood is both a solution and suspension.
Explain why water is neutral.
Water can form ions, when it does: the H+ ions equal the OH- ions
Describe the pH scale
An indication of the cone of H+ ions in a solution
0-14. 7 is water.
Define acid
A pH below 7
What is the pH of strong acid?
more H+ ions than OH- ions in a solution. 1-3
Define base.
a ph above 7
What is the pH of a strong base?
more OH- ions than H+ ions in a solution. (also called alkaline.
Define buffer.
body fluids need to be kept b/t 6.5-7.5 pH. (homeostasis)
Buffers are weak acids or bases that can react to strong acids or bases to prevent sudden changes in pH.