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The theory that all organisms on Earth are relate by common ancestry and that they have changed over time, premoninantly via natural-selection.
Natural selection
The differential capacity for survival and reproduction
Genetic Drift
Any change in allele frequencies due to random events. Causes allele frequencies to drift up and down rnadomly over time, and eventually can lead to the fixation or loss of alleles
The favored varieties have higher fitness values
The fact that traits vary among members of the same species
Differential Capacity for survival and reproduction
The environment and the conditions under which a species lives favor some varieties over others
A group of individuals of the same species living in the same area at the same time
Frequency histogram
allows for the qualitative analysis of data
A measure of the center of the data
Standard Deviation
A measurement that indicates how the data points vary around the average. (S)
(s^2) take the square root to get standard deviation
Dariwinian/relative fitness
Comparing two types of individuals and seeing their relative success at survival and reproduction
Founder effect
A change in allele frequencies that often occurs when a new population is esablished from a small group of individual, due to chance variations in gene frequency in the small group.