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Studies of fat and thyroid cells show that fat cells have fewer mitochondria than thyroid cells. A biologist would most likely infer that fat tissue...
requires less energy than thyroid tissue
Which cell structure directly controls the movement of molecules into and out of the cell?
Cell membrane
While viewing a slide of rapidly moving sperm cells, a student concludes that these cells require a large amount of energy to maintain their activity. The organelleds that most directly provide this energy is known as...
In a cell, all organelles work together to carry out...
metabolic processes
Which cell organelle is most directle involved with the bonding of amino acids?
One difference between plant and animal cells is that animal cells do not have....
Which structure is most closely associaed with excretion?
cell membrane
A structure that performs a specialized function within a cell is known as...
What does chloroplast serve as?
The site of photosynthesis
What organelle is primarily in the synthesis of long chains of amino acids?
After a cell was treated wit ha certain chemical, the ribosomes stopped functioning. Which cell activity was immediately affected by its change in ribosome function?
protien synthesis
What would most likely happen if the ribosomes in a cell were not functioning?
The syntheis of protein would stop.
A structure involved in the movement of materials into a cell....
cell membrane
The chemical reactions involved in the synthesis of ATP occur in structure....
Which metabolic process is most clearly associated with the organelle, mitochondria?
aerobic respiration
Which organelles are usually found in both plant and animal cells?
Most of the reactions of aerobic cellular respiration occur within the organelle known as the.........
Whcih cellular organelle consits of proteins and lipids?
plasma membrane
What does the plasma membrane of a living plant cell do?
regulates the passage of substances into and out of the cell.
The ribosome is an organelle that functions in the process of....
protein synthesis
The cell theory states that....
living organisms are composed of cells that arise from preexisting cells
What is part of the cell theory?
Cells come from preexisting cells.
What is not part of the cell theory?
New cells have nuclei identical to those of preexisting cells
What is the basic unit structure and function in protists and monerans?
What is consisted of a cell membrane?
protein floating in lipids
What statement regarding the functioning of the cell membrane of all organisms is not correct...
The cell membrane forms a barrier that keeps all substances that might harm the cell from entering the cell.
WHich structure is responsible for maintaining homeostasuis in all cells?
cell membrane
Molecules A ppasses through the membrane readily, but molecule B does not. Which describes both molecules?
Molecule A is a simple sugar, Molecule B is a starch.
When most proteins, fats, and carbohydrates are digested completely, they are converted to end products that....
can easily pass through the cell membrane
The process of active transport uses the most direct use of...
Cyanide is a poison that limits ability of an aniaml cell to manufacture ATP. In a cell containing a small amount of cynanide, which process would least be affected?
Which process requires cellular energy?
active transport
The ability of certain hormones to attach to the a cell is primarily determined by
receptor molecucles in the cell membrane
Communication between cells is affected if there is decreased ability to produce
hormones and nerve impulses
To communicate between cells, many multicellular animals use
nerve signals and hormones
The pancreas produces one hormone that lowers blood sugar level and another that increases bloood sugat level. The interaction of these two hormones most directly helps huamns to
maintain a balanced internal enviroonment
Feedback mechanisms are best described as processed that help
keep body conditions near normal, a steady state
Whcih statemant describes a feedback mechansm involving the human pancreas?
The level of sugar in the blood is affected by the amount of insulin in the blood
Which sequence represents the correect order of levels of organization found in a complex organisms
organelles->cells->tissues->organs->organ system
Which statement descibriding the body system is correct?
Some cells in the system may be different fro mthe other cells, but all cells work together